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DropAndGo! Fundraising Auction Drives

DropAndGo! introduces Auction Drives, an exciting new way to raise money for your school and not-profit organization!

Traditional Fundraising can be challenging. Want to raise money for your organization? It couldn't be easier with DropAndGo!. We collaborate with you to create a fundraising program where on a scheduled day parents, students, teachers, members bring in their items they want to donate to your fundraising cause. DropAndGo! staff can be present to examine the items and evaluate their potential on eBay. If we feel that the item is likely to sell, we'll check the items in right on the spot! Or your school's parents and constituents can just drop off their auction donations at their local DropAndGo! store.

Your local DropAndGo! team will evaluate the items, photograph, and list them for you on eBay. DropAndGo! will take care of all the packing, shipping, and collection of payment.

With DropAndGo!, raising money has never been easier or more fun! DropAndGo! Auction Drives are a great way to improve your fund raising challenges. Either as a stand-alone or a complement to your current fundraising efforts. Best of all, there's no administrative work for your organization. We take care of everything.

When your items sell, we will send a check to your organization and a receipt to the donor.

Get Everybody Involved!

To help you spread the word about your fundraising event, we will promote it on our website to the citizens in your community. This will help you get the exposure you need to boost your turnout.

Please note that our standard eligibility requirements apply -- see the What Sells page for details.

To discuss arranging a collection event or other opportunities for collaborating with your school or non-profit, please contact the Community Events Coordinator, at